Longing for the clouds,
he stares at the bare
blue skies,
heart beats quick,

Wandering/Wondering soul lost in revelry


I was lost.
And you were gone eternal.
You blew the whistle.
Whilst i still play the game.
The sun turned grey.
And the moon lost its shimmer.
An abyss beckoned.
And the world ceased its glory.
That ruby rose glass.
And seeping elixir.
To the nothingness from which it came.
But restoring a void.
Of soliloquies.
Lettered drafts.
Of conquests of love, and of war.
Oh how grand the gesture.
That fear consumes.
I was lost.
I am lost.
Now, in the conquests of love,
and of war.
And solace is what i have found.

Wandering/Wondering soul lost in revelry

Fountain of Youth

Write me a river,
who’s bed is forgotten memories.
And the water black,
filled by ink.
Yet beautiful,
the sound,
of flowing life,
coursing through my veins.
So write me a river,
in which i can drown my thoughts.
With insomnia feeding the night,
and dreams are nothing but reality.
Oh how beautiful the sound,
of the black water flowing,
the elixir of lives.
write me a river,
to flow from the fountain youth.

Wandering/Wondering soul lost in revelry

No Name

There you were,
a thousand miles away.
With doe eyed innocence,
and a devilish smile.
Time stood still,
yet left me behind.
With a clouded mind,
and tear dropped sky.
A crooked smile,
and hazy memories.
Surrounded by blurred faces,
and sharp minds.
A hopeless Wonderer,
a mindless Wanderer.
There you were,
like a picture.
There you were,
and all I needed to know that you didn’t forget my name.