i'm told freedom tastes like sweet red wine
i do not drink
rather i intoxicate myself on memories
and hope.
i imagine peace smells like blooming flowers on the first dawn of spring
something my allergies allow no pleasure from
she tells me stories of her youth with furver
as if to lament in days of love
she talks of duty as adoration
as the chains clank in the wake of her footsteps
she speaks of her love as an adventure
her eyes tracing memories
as if her hands ruffling through the pages of holy scriptures
carefully revealing truths and lessons
she speaks of blood as a gift
though all it's ever given were sacrificial piers
duty, she says, is rewarding
as she carries burdens 
never written for her
adventure now defined as anywhere
other than what others label home
though cuffs can be seen shackled to her feet
and her face burdened with a smile
she has bequeathed me many lessons
the art of escapism
my most cherished.


life is a game we play
for this soul no longer exists
obscurity is the nameless god
blurry face is the lamented worshiper
my body a temple ruin
running thoughts through the mind
a death trap maze
my tongue governed
its whispered name politicized
my eyes warrants of self murderous thoughts
my hands restless with the blood of my relatives
their sins bathe me crimson - 
their voices muffled into pangs of self-righteous beliefs
the tree of family
with its rope branch hugging my neck 
my eyes sparkle with faded dreams
overshadowing leaves stretching over my very being
unable to become my own icarus
my wings have long since melted
within the scalding flames of love.

shackled dreams

You say if you could fly,

you’d never walk on earth.

For you only have eyes for that faded,

blue sky.

You know if you can just break free,

you’ll find what you seek.

So keep trying to release yourself,

to that faded,

blue sky.


Sometimes i grieve for my innocence lost.
My hands covered in the blood of my ancestral hopes.
Like shattered glass                                 my dreams lay etched reflecting the broken sky.
The stench of gunpowder and forgotten mistakes perfume the air.
My eyes swollen and my vision impaired,
like frosted glass i am suspended in time.
the memory of who i am…
the vision of who i will be…
The pride of my folks,
wained under self loathing and disappointment.
Though hidden behind sunshine,
and hope.
Suspended in time,
my body shivers,
for anxiety is my new neighbour.
My heart grows weary,
and in its chambers where a soul once resided,
now barren of hope.
But my mind of mistakes,
ever so bold.
And my innocence for life,
long since distasteful.
Now only a dark forest grows,
swallowing the very sun which brings life to it.
And thus trekking in the forages,
of forgotten hope
and misplaced pride
along with shattered dreams
and hazy memories,
i grieve for my innocence lost.



You say if you could fly,
you'd never come back down.
You only have eyes for that blue,
melancholic sky.
You know if we can just make it through,
you'll find what you seek.
So keep trying to break free,
into that blue,
pale sky. 
For there are only tragedies,
and heartbreak,
sewn into this withering land,
awaiting their death to cry. 
So if there is one thing you ever do,
break away into that pale blue.
And into the horizon fly,
disappear into that melancholic sky.


My heart,
a hotel for the lost
a halfway house for the abandoned
a motel for the destitute
a caravan for the traveler

My heart,
has long since forgotten itself
shards of abandoned love pierce its flesh
forgotten tragedies play melancholic symphonies
an orchestra of the undesirables
my ribcage haunted
by cacophonies of sweet memories

My heart,
a wild creature
howling at the full moon
searching for its home
but for now it remains

a grand hotel
the lost

Ghost ship

My rib cage a ghost ship where once a soul resided. Haunting of past loves come like spirits in the dark crevices. Creaks on floorboards where once the footprints of others ladened the hallways. Paintings of forgotten memories hung askew on the walls, nailed in by love and hurt, and worn over time. Tattered sails adorning the mantle, as the wind plays a melancholic soliloquy sounding through the surface amplified by the unnerving ocean. Below deck there are holes seeping water, but afloat this ship stays. Its compass misplaced and its true north long since forgotten. It merely steers with the currents, and the winds of change. From time to time lanterns are lit, and a warm glow is emitted to even that of the decks. And such is the mirage of this ocean, where the foolish hearted reside. This ghost ship in search of its long lost treasure, this rib cage in search of its long lost soul.


A crooked smile,
stretched across the horizon.
A crack of light,
a facade of warmth.
Rain clouds gathered,
within the windows of her soul.
Scars of heavenly abode,
hung across her face.
by the world.
Storm clouds gather in her mind,
and thunder cracked billow from her lips.
Setting fire to the world,
and her tears to extinguish words.
Before it ever reached,
a deaf earth.
And with a crooked smile,
and a dim light,
stretched across the horizon,
she gave her heart away.
And all that remained,
fragmented memories,
of a beautiful sunset.



i was told i am lost boy,
that there’s a vacancy in my eyes,
where belonging and direction ought to rest.
That i search for myself in every person i meet,
and every word dripping from my honey sweetened lips were poison to my soul.
i was told that my conversations with mere mortals were actually conversations with the gods.
and that the divine spoke in languages only souls could understand.
But still i am a walking contradiction,
looking for love of the unknown,
yet fearing to never find an anchor for my soul.
i am a hopeless romantic,
running after the illusions of this world.
Run lost boy i was told,
away from all of reality that began to unfold.
And so i search for Neverland in every doe eyed lover i meet.
Only to find that our souls are the oceans of the unknown.
Beautiful and calm,
and sometimes a storm ladened vortex producing shipwrecks and broken hearts contained in the carcasses of our ribcages.
And years later those very remnants of rib cages, finds buried within itself treasure troves of love.
And so when love finds its way onto your shores,
do not bury it.
But rather take it out to sea,
and brave the storms.
Maybe it will be that shipwrecks and a broken compass have never been so beautiful.
and that the vacancy in my eyes was actually a mirage of the depths of my soul yearning to be explored.
And one day it will be just you, the ocean and this lost boy.

Ghost Ship

My rib cage a ghost ship                                                                                                                      where once a soul resided.                                                                                                                  Haunting’s of past loves come like spirits in the dark crevices.                                                  Creaks on floorboards where once my the footprints of others laden the hallways.              Paintings of forgotten memories hung askew on the walls,                                                         nailed in by love and hurt,                                                                                                                  and worn over time.                                                                                                                              Tattered sails adorning the mantle,                                                                                                   as the wind plays a melancholic soliloquy sounding through the surface                               amplified by the unnerving ocean.                                                                                                   Below deck                                                                                                                                                                      there are holes seeping water,                                                                                     but afloat this ships stays.                                                                                                                   Its compass                                                                                                                                                                       misplaced                                                                                                                       and its true north long since forgotten.                                                                                           It merely steers with the currents,                                                                                                                            and the winds of change.                                                                                             From time to time,                                                                                                                                 lanterns are lit,                                                                                                                                      and a warm glow is emitted                                                                                                                                        to even the that of the decks.

And such is the mirage of the ocean,                                                                                                where the foolish hearted reside.

This ghost ship in search of its long lost                                                                                                                     treasure.

This rib cage in search of its long lost                                                                                                                          soul.